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  • To enroll at least 20 underrepresented minority (URM) students/year in areas of green energy sources and environmental sustainability.
  • To establish a BS degree in Green Energy Engineering at DSU based on the existing academic and research infrastructure, the educational and research collaboration within the alliance, and the creation of new coursework in the fields of green energy and environmental sustainability.
  • To strengthen the pathway from the energy-related associates degree programs at Delaware Technical and Community College (DTCC) to 4 year degrees by ensuring at least 4 students/year transfer from DTCC to DSU in energy-related STEM programs.
  • To increase the number of high school graduates from underrepresented groups who choose to attend college in STEM majors.
Proposal for deep ocean wind turbine farming using oil supertankers when they become obsolete
Solar panels at Delaware Technical Community College, Dover, Delaware
Solar panels in Dover DE
  • Initiative 1 (I1): Develop the research and education activities in the DSU Renewable Energy Education Center (REEC) and promote its integration with the NSF INCLUDES EDEES program to support and engage under-represented students as they move from middle and high school to a STEM majorin the college and university, into graduate school and STEM-related careers.
  • Initiative 2 (I2): Develop DSU’s research and education programs in Alternative Energy and Environmental Sustainability including a research and internship program that will engage undergraduate and graduate students in laboratory research at DSU and partner institutions.
  • Initiative 3 (I3): Promote of careers in alternative energy and environmental sustainability.
  • Initiative 4 (I4): Build partnerships with highly minority K-12 schoolsthrough Energy-related outreach programs at DSU and DTCC that will engage high school students in green energy research and STEM education.
  • Initiative 5 (I5): Promote collaboration within and outside the Alliance.
  • Initiative 6 (I6): Continuous evaluation and metrics to improve the project and set it on a path to long-term sustainability.
  • Initiative 7 (I7): Promote 100% energy self-sustainable city of Dover, Delaware.